Pet Friendly Holiday Property Tips

Should I accept pets?

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What are the benefits?

Being pet friendly at your self-catering holiday property on the Isle of Wight can generate more bookings – there are 10 million households in the UK with a pet dog so demand is great for holiday lets which can accommodate all of the family. The alternative for guests is to put their loved ones in a kennel at significant cost, which has neither an emotional or financial appeal. The Wight Holiday Company encourage owners to open their homes up to four legged holiday visitors.

How many more bookings will it generate?

This varies depending on the property characteristics, but it is possible to achieve 5 to 10 or more bookings more than a similar, non-friendly holiday let. In short accepting pets will bring in income in the busy and quieter months of the year, providing a more consistent income for owners.

What about damage?

Pet owners are responsible for their pets and will look after the property during their stay. Cleaning and keeping the property smelling fresh is the main consideration, especially with dog hairs on furniture, carpets and curtains and making sure there are no muddy paw prints where there shouldn’t be.

Therefore extra cleaning can be required and an extra charge is applied for pets. The Wight Holiday Company charge £25 per pet per stay which guests are comfortable with as they like their family pet to enjoy a trip to the seaside too!

How can I minimise issues?Beaches for dogs

A few simple rules can help:
• Pets not to be left in the property alone.
• No pets in the bedrooms or on the furniture.
• Pets should be under control at all times and not disturb neighbours.
• Clean up after your pet, especially around outside areas and gardens.

Of course it is impossible to police these rules; you are reliant on the responsible attitude of owners and your property housekeeper reporting any issues.

Worth doing?

Properties that accept pets benefit in welcoming more bookings every year. So we always encourage owners to accept pets and maximise their income levels.

Pets need a holiday too..!