Why It’s Important To Provide WIFI

The Wight Holiday Company sees a self-catering holiday property providing WIFI as an essential facility to provide in an Isle of Wight self-catering holiday property. As a self-catering holiday accommodation guest, uses of Wifi on holiday have broadened over the past few years as smartphone and tablet ownership has grown and the fact that so many more people work or run businesses whilst on holiday. Here are the top uses for Wifi on a self catering holiday and why we think that it is essential for owners to include it in their Isle of Wight self catering holiday home.

Local area information: You can have as much information in your guest property folder; however there will always be a family member who loves to confide in Google… They will be desperately searching to find the nearest petrol station or cash machine location before someone manages to find it in your information folder. If it is a guest’s first visit to the property they are likely to be unfamiliar with the local area.

Eating out: Something taken very seriously as we all love to have a search of where’s best to eat whilst we are away, from checking out opening times, seeing what time food is served to if there is parking available. Checking menus online before visiting is great for children or people with allergies and for reasoning over TripAdvisor reviews for restaurants,

Watching catch-up TV: Yes, it’s not a myth… guests DO watch TV on holiday, so streaming their favourite programmes on their iPad is sometimes a relaxing thing to do.

Mobile Phone Signal: This can be rather sketchy in some areas on the Isle of Wight dependant on the phone networks. Some network providers offer Wifi calling, meaning you can use your phone over Wifi instead of using mobile data. This comes in very handy in those hard to reach places.

Where to go: If it’s a rainy day or if guests fancy exploring the beautiful Island, being able to search for things like family attractions, historical and heritage sites, activities is important. Although you can provide information to guests before they arrive or leave it in the property for them, it is true that web access has replaced the guest directory in a holiday let.

Work: Having a break on the Isle of Wight may not mean compete holiday mode with all work banished, there are going to be times when guests need to work whilst staying. Being able to work whilst on holiday can be a deal breaker to gain a booking and also be the difference between a short break and an extended stay.

Events: For those days when guests fancy a change from the beach or for them  to plan an action packed stay. having a list of places to choose is a must, oh and there’s nothing worse than stumbling upon a local farmers market just as the traders are all packing up…

Spread the word: This is the single most important reason to have internet… as it encourages guests to talk about their holiday accommodation on social media through a variety of ways including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Weather: It would be great if we were to always have a perfect sunny day whilst guests are staying but that simply does not happen… So the weather forecast is one of the most popular tools for a UK break, good or bad, guests can plan to make the most of their time on holiday.

So all in all, Wifi is a must have for guests whilst they are enjoying their Isle of Wight self catering holiday, we highly recommend owners providing Wifi.